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The medical gas outlet are designed for gas distribution in centralized areas of hospitals, dental clinics and veterinary facilities; Patient rooms, operating areas, Surgery centers and Dental offices. Outlets are available in four styles:

  • DISS
    (Diameter-Index Safety System)

  • MEDAESŪ/Ohmeda Compatible
    (Quick Connect)

  • Chemetron Compatible
    (Quick Connect)

  • Puritan Bennett Compatible
    (Quick Connect)
All outlets are available in Retro-Fit models.

US and ISO colors are available. Outlets are available for walls, headwalls, consoles, ceilings and ceiling columns.

Ambulance Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Medical Outlets are also available in several configurations, including: "Passive" and "Terminating" applications with DISS or Hose Barb back connections.


Medical Gas Outlets Specification Sheet Downloads

Wall Outlet

Ohmeda Diamond Compatible [95k]
Chemetron Compatible [95k]
Puritan Bennett Compatible [102K]
DISS [286K]

Console Outlet

Ohmeda Compatible [88K]
Chemetron Compatible [95K]
Puritan Bennett Compatible [96K]
DISS [89K]

Ceiling Outlet

Quick Disconnect or DISS [102K]

Ceiling Column Outlet

Ohmeda Compatible [87K]
Chemetron Compatible [89K]
Puritan Bennett Compatible [91K]
DISS [90K]
Rectractable Console Outlet [103K]
Retractable Ceiling Column Outlet [215K]

Retro-Fit Outlet

Ohmeda Diamond 1 Compatible [79K]
Ohmeda Diamond 2 & 3 Compatible [118K]
Outlet Retro-Fit Pictures [645K]
Quick Reference for Conversion Outlets [43K]

Surface Console Outlet

Surface Console [61K]
Surface Console: Installation [40K]


Ambulance (EMS) Medical Gas Outlets [96K]


Dental Outlet [97K]


EMS Outlets  


Retractable Electrical Receptacle [340K]
Slide Bracket Wall and Console [56K]
Electrical Receptacle and Blank Plate [53K]
Accessory Trim Plates for Outlets [210K]
Gauge Assembly [91K]
Outlet Repair Kit [125K]
Outlet Locking Device: Ohmeda & DISS [133K]
Hose Assemblies and Hose Retractor [41K]

Operation and Maintenance Manual

Medical Gas Outlet [788K]

Retro-Fit Manuals

Diamond 1 Outlet Retro-Fit [97K]
Diamond 2 Outlet Retro-Fit [77K]
Diamond 3 Outlet Retro-Fit [203K]
NCG Chemetron Outlet Retro-Fit [214K]
Puritan Bennett Outlet Retro-Fit [399K]


Diamond 2 or 3 Complete Retro-Fit [5.9M]
Diamond 2 or 3 Front Assembly Retro-Fit [3.9M]
Chemetron/Ohmeda Repair Kit Installation [4.5M]


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