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Medical Gas Design / Engineering Consultation

NMC offers the expertise to assist Architects, Engineers, Hospitals, and Contractors with the development and design of a "Total Medical Gas Solution". We will verify the specifications meet the current NFPA 99 code and that they reflect the best technologies and the current manufacturers.  We can review the medical gas pipeline drawings to verify that all the components are located at the correct locations and that the project meets the current applicable NFPA 99 code.

By verifying that the project meets code and has the proper equipment specified upfront, the number of change orders are reduced.  This saves the hospitals money and increases customer satisfaction along with saving production time.

At NMC, we believe service is the key to our client relationships and we are committed to representing only the best interests of our clients.  With our broad knowledge of the medical gas industry, NMC presents comprehensive and cost effective programs for medical gas products and services that meet the individual needs of our clients.  Our philosophy is simple, know the code, service what you sell, and provide clients with accurate and knowledgeable medical gas choices.

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