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Northeast Medical Consulting understands that when you have a renovation, new construction, or even a mock up it is a “process”. It takes time to coordinate with your construction team as well as your medical staff. NMC offers complete project involvement from start to finish insuring customer satisfaction. We listen to you and are there step by step to assist you in the process by providing the most up to date medical gas equipment management at the best possible cost savings.

We believe that every healthcare facility has its own personality and is unique in their needs. We offer a variety of equipment management to suit not only your equipment solution but innovative designs taking you into the future. Your medical staff will appreciate taking part of selecting the products best suited for their needs years to come.

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NMC wants you to be assured in the highest level of satisfaction and we make a commitment to quality. Our products offer standards such as NFPA,CSA, UL, and OSHPD, ISO and also a FIVE (5) year warranty. We believe in building a lasting relationship with you and your staff. We are happy to help you the best we can.

To set up an appointment or speak to our regional sales manager in our architectural division, please call:

Jim Brusse

Regional Sales Representative

Architectural Division

Cell: (724) 699-8630

Toll free: (888) 534-4295

Fax: (240) 282-1086

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